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APA - Citing Sources

Tags: English

Why do you cite?

Why do you cite?

There are a couple of important reasons for citing your sources:

  • To lend credence to your arguments and the postions you take in your own paper.
  • To allow readers to check your sources to see how you have interpreted them.
  • Academic honesty: To give credit to the work of others.
  • To avoid plagiarism.

Academic texts should account for the author's own research results and arguments, but also position herself in relation to earlier research in the same or similar areas.

By referring to earlier research, the author can strengthen her own arguments and credibility. It is important to always make it clear that which is not your own arguments, judgements and conclusions, should be cited correctly and point to the sources from where they are taken. To ignore doing this will make you subject to plagiarism. 

In order for the reader to easily check the sources it is important to be accurate and consistent when citing the sources and writing the references. There are several different reference styles and which one to choose is usually decided by your teacher.