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APA – Citing Sources

Author names

Always check how author names have been formatted in previous publications. The format can vary depending on the nationality of the named person. However, the general rule is that the format in the reference list and the in-text citation should match the name of the work being cited.

Two-party surnames with for example "de" or "von" is in the reference list alphabetized by the first letter: de Beauvoir goes under D.   

Here are a few examples:   

Full name In-text citation Reference list
Simone de Beauvoir de Beauvoir de Beauvoir, S.
Cora Fernández Anderson Fernández Anderson Fernández Anderson, C
Andrew M. St. Laurent St. Laurent St. Laurent, A. M.
Désirée von Ahlefeld Nisser von Ahlefeld Nisser  von Ahlefeld Nisser, D.