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APA – Citing Sources

The reference list

  • The reference list should include all (published) material used in the text. Therefore, background material or further reading material which is not referred to in the running text should not be included.
  • You don't separate the reference list into different categories based on publication types.
  • The references are presented in alphabetical order and each reference usually contains the author, publication year, title and publishing information.
  • For more information about the reference list see APA Style: References.
  • If you use a program software for managing references, like EndNote or Zotero, you don't need to create these hanging indents manually since those programs handle that automatically.
Please note! Each reference in the reference list should have a hanging indent of 1,25 cm except for the first line of the reference!
Read about how you create hanging indents in Word for Windows or Mac: Create a hanging indent.