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Business & Economics


You come a long way by using the JU Library search tool PRIMO, which contains all of the resources the JU Library provides access to. However, once you need to make a more specific search for scholarly publications a database is usually a more appropriate tool.

Some of the publications can be accessed in full text directly in the databases. If not, you can still access them if the library has a subscription to the journal, using the JU link: Access from JU  

If the article is neither part of the library subscriptions nor freely accessible on Google Scholar, it can be ordered as an interlibrary loan.

Different kinds of databases

There are different types of databases. Some are more general and interdisciplinary, while others focus on a specific subject, for instance, economics. There are also databases where you can find information about how a document has been used in other publications, so-called citation databases. Thus, you can find other researchers who have cited an article and follow how research has been used and developed. Below, you can read more about some of the different databases useful in business and economics.

Larger interdisciplinary databases

Databases within the field of Business and Economics

Psychological perspectives on Business and Law

General search tools: