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05. Adding new references

Adding references manually in EndNote

There are several ways to add references to your EndNote library, by importing them from a database (see section 06 "Importing references"), by online search from within EndNote (see section 08 "Online Search"), and by adding them manually (this section).

Add a new reference

  • In the References menu, choose New Reference:


  • Enter the bibliographic data of your reference according to what is needed in order to create a full reference (in other words, there is no need to fill in data under all headings, see below):


  • By default, Journal article is chosen as Reference Type. Use the drop down menu to choose another one:


  • If you want to, you may also add other data like keywords, notes, URL and other things. To attach PDF files, please see section 07 "Adding file attachements".
  • Click on the X button in the upper right corner of the New Reference window and then answer Yes to save it, No to close it without saving it, or Cancel to go back and edit the reference.


Important notes on entering authors and corporate authors in EndNote!

  • When you add an author, make sure to insert the surname first and then the first name (or initial):

    Kotler, Philip


  • Then press enter after each name if you want to add several authors:


  • If you want to add an institutional name as main author, i.e. a corporate author, you have to add a comma after the full name, otherwise EndNote will interpret the last word (Welfare in this example) as a surname and the other words as first names (which it will also convert to initials in most output styles):

    National Board of Health and Welfare,