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08. Online Search

08. Online Search

With the Online Search feature you can search in remote databases, like PubMed, CINAHL, Academic Search, LIBRIS etc., directly from within EndNote and download references this way. Please keep in mind though that the search functions in this feature are usually not as advanced as in the databases themselves, for example using a thesaurus and limit functions and other such aspects which most article databases and library catalogs offer.

The Online Search feature works by EndNote having set up connection files to the remote databases in order to be able to transfer the bibliographic data from the databases into EndNote. EndNote comes with a selection of connection files, but far away from all that are available. However, EndNote provides thousands of connection files on their web site. How to get them will be described in section 10. Connection files.

Searching with Online Search

  • In the panel above My Library, activate the Integrated Library & Online Search Mode by clicking on the globe + folder icon:


  • At the bottom of the My Library panel you will see the Online Search group set (expand it by clicking on the plus (+) next to it. Click on more... in order to bring up the Connection files list to find more database connections:


  • You can also go to the Tools menu in EndNote, choose Online Search to bring up the Connection files list :


  • From the the Connect files window you can select from available connection files, most of them being library catalogs from around the world. Mark the one you want and click on Choose:


  • The database will be added in the Online Search list in the My Library column to the left. The chosen database will be there until you actively remove it by right-clicking on the database name and choose Delete Group:


  • The search panel to the right is now changed to the search options of the selected database. In the drop down menues you can choose the most common fields to search in (e.g. author, title, year, keywords, abstracts, usually depending on in which database you are searching). From the column of the drop down menues to the right, you can sometimes choose if you want to search the words as a phrase or not. You may also add more search fields by clicking on the plus button to the right of the search fields (the minus button will take one search field away). Enter search term/s in the field/s and click on Search:


  • Next, in the Confirm Online Search message box, make sure to notice how many references you are about to download (too many? too few?). You can change the number of records in the Retrieved records from: ... through ... fields. Click OK to download:


The references will be downloaded and placed in the Unfiled folder. Just drag and drop the references to your Group folders.