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10. Connection Files

Downloading Connection Files

Downloading Connection Files

EndNote comes equipped with a selection of connection files. Connection files are protocols that contain the information that is needed for EndNote to connect to and communicate with a specific database. EndNote provides thousands of connection files, many of which are library catalogs, but to have them all stored by default may slow processes down, so they have picked about 400 of the most popular ones. The reason you might want to use a connection file is when the database in question doesn't have any export into EndNote function, or if you want to search in a database from within EndNote (see 08. Online Search). Below is described how to download additional connection files into EndNote.


  • If you don't find the database that you want in the Connection Manager you can get additional connection files from EndNote's web pages. You will get a direct link to this site from the Connection Manager. Open the Connection Manager via Edit and Connection Files:


  • In the Connection Manager, click on Get More on the Web...:


  • Enter the name of the information provider, such as the name of the catalog or the university, and click on Apply:


  • If you've found the database that you were looking for, click on Download:


  • Select Open with and choose EndNote in the message box that pops up and click on OK (in Mozilla Firefox), or click on Open (in Google Chrome):



  • When the Connection File has opened in EndNote go to File and click on Save As...:


  • Delete the word 'Copy' from the name and click on Save:


  • Open the Connection Manager (it should open directly when have clicked on Save) and select the downloaded Connection File from the list by ticking the box in front of its name and click on the 'X' in the upper right corner to close the Connection Manager:


  • The name of the selected Connection File will now turn up under Online Search and clicking on it will adjust the search window to the database or catalog: