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12. Synchronize EndNote and EndNote Online

12. Synchronize EndNote and EndNote Online

Why synchronizing libraries?

If you have signed up for an EndNote Online account (see EndNote Online) and created a library and use this to collect references when you do not have access to your EndNote desktop version and library you might want to be able to synchronize these two libraries so that they will always consist of the same references. In other words, they will be in sync. Furthermore, when you correct or add something in one of the libraries the other will also be updated.

Why should I have both a EndNote desktop library and an EndNote Online account?

There are mainly two reasons:

  • You can share a library of references with colleagues if you are working on the same project (see 13. EndNote library sharing)
  • Since the EndNote Online account is web based you can access it from any computer, anywhere, with an Internet connection, and the library will be stored on EndNote's servers which will work as backup of your library


Synchronizing libraries

Once you have made an EndNote Web account and created a library there you can start syncing your desktop and online EndNote libraries.

  • Click on the Sync button in EndNote's toolbar or go to Tools > Sync:

  • Login to your EndNote Online account :


Your EndNote Desktop and Online libraries will be synchronized!

If you want to automatize the synchronization you can do this as well.

  • Go to Edit and click on Preference:


  • In the left column, click on Sync, and tick the box in front of Sync Automatically:


EndNote training video on how to sync using both Windows and Mac (EndNote X7.1 and later):