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14. Terms Lists

14. Terms Lists

What is a terms list in EndNote?

A journal terms list is an index of journal names in their full form and with additional abbreviations. Some publishers require that you use these journal abbreviations instead of their full names, especially within some subject areas such as medicine.

EndNote automatically add journal names to the term lists in the form they have in the created or imported reference. However, it doesn't automatically create abbreviations. Therefore, EndNote has a number of journal term lists that you can add to your library. If you have several EndNote libraries, you have to add term lists to each of them separately. The lists that are supplied by EndNote can be found in the EndNote program file folder C:\Program Files\EndNote\Terms Lists\:


For example, a common abbreviations list is Index Medicus which is found in the Medical.txt file.


Adding new Terms Lists

Below is described how you add a journal abbreviations terms list. If it is a brand new library without any journal references, skip ahead to number 3:

1. In order to avoid any duplicate journal names in the term list, you should first replace the existing journals list (with journal names that have been accumulated automatically). From the Tools menu, select Open Term Lists, and then Journals Term List:


2. Delete all existing terms from the list by clicking and dragging the cursor over all journal names to highlight them (if the list under Terms is empty, skip ahead to 3 below). You can highlight the first term (journal name) and press Ctrl + A on your keyboard in order to highlight all at the same time (on a Macintosh, this would be [Apple] + A). Then, click on Delete Term:


3. Click on the Lists tab and highlight the Journals list. Then, click Import List:


4. In the file dialog, select the list you want to use, and click Open to import the journal names and abbreviations (medical terms in this example) into the Journals term list:


5. The Journal Terms List can be viewed in the Terms tab in the Term Lists window:


In the left column you see full journal names and in the middle and right column variations of the same abbreviations, one with periods (middle) and the other (right) without periods. Now, whenever you have a reference from a journal that is included in this list you can set EndNote to use any of the abbreviations instead.


Setting an output style to use abbreviations

You have to edit the output style to use journal abbreviations. This is how you do it:

  • From the Edit menu, choose Output Styles and select Open Style Manager, or if you have already selected the style you want to edit, click on Edit "[name of style]":


  • In the Style Manager, select the style to which you want to add the Journals Terms List, and click Edit:


In the left column of the Style Editor window, click on Journal Names, and select either Abbreviations 1 or 2 (depending on what type of abbreviation you want, with or without punctuation):


  • Close and save the style. Now, all the journal article references in your library from journals that are included in the list and have an abbreviation should be replaced with the appropriate abbreviation.

If a journal name in one of your references does not have the selected abbreviation entered in the Journals Terms List, the journal name appears in the bibliography exactly as it is entered in the reference.

You can enter new individual journal abbreviations in the following way. Let's say you have imported a journal article from Materials Science and Engineering A:

  • Open the Journals Term List again and looking for the journal Materials Science and Engineering A will reveal that it does not include any abbreviations:


  • Click Edit Term and enter the appropriate abbreviation. In this case, with periods in Abbreviation 1, and without periods in Abbreviation 2, and click OK:


  • In the list, the journal will display the entered abbreviations: