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15. Merging libraries

15. Mergin libraries

If you have two or more EndNote libraries and want to merge them into one single library, there are three ways to do it: you can copy references from one library to another, you can drag-and-drop references from one library to the other, and you can import one library into another. Below these three ways are described.

Please note that whenever a reference is copied from one library to another the record number of that reference changes. This means that if you have a paper (Word document) with references from the earlier library, they will no longer be in concordance with the same references in the new library since they have got different record numbers. If you want to retain the connection between those references in the Word document and the new EndNote library, they have to be exchanged with the references from the new library.

You should also consider deleting any duplicate references in your library.


Copy references from one library to another

You can copy references from one library to another in either of the following two ways:

  • Mark the reference(s) you want to copy by using the Copy (Ctrl + C) command and open the library you want to copy the references to and use the Paste (Ctrl + V) command to enter the references in this library, or specific groups of this library
  • Mark the references you want to copy and right-click on them and choose either to create a new library (1.), choose an already existing library (2.), or if you have already opened another library, this will be shown as a third alternative with the name of that library (3.):


Drag-and-drop references from one library to another

  • Mark the references that you want to copy and hold down left mouse button and drag them to the other library and just drop them there by releasing the left mouse button.


Import one library into another

  • First, open the library into which you want to import the references
  • From the File menu, choose Import, and then File:


  • In the window that comes up you have a couple of options to consider:


Import File: Click on Choose to find the library you want to copy from your computer.

Import Option: Select EndNote Library from the drop-down menu.

Import All - imports all references, including duplicates
Discard Duplicates - discards all duplicates when importing references
Import Into Duplicates Library - duplicate references are imported into a file called File-Dupl.enl, where "File" is the name of  the library into which you are importing (e.g. CAST-Dupl.enl)
Text translation: Set this to No Translation.

  • Click on Import to import the library
  • The imported references will be found in the folder Imported References in your library