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03. My References

03. My References

My References

Under My References you find all your references that you accumulate in your EndNote library. Your EndNote library consists of all your references, but also the different groups that you may have created in order to manage them more easily. Think of this library as a room with different shelves on which you put different kinds of references, for example according to different subjects. Of course, you can keep them in one general group if you don't have so many, but it might be a good idea to sort them into different folders (called Groups in EndNote) already from the start before they have accumulated.


Quick Search - You can search among your references by just entering search terms like author, title or other words and click on the Search button. In the drop-down menu directly under the search field you can choose if you want to search among All My References or in your groups, if you have any.

My References - Under this heading you find different groups or folders:

All My References - This brings up a list of all your references in your EndNote Web library including the ones that are unfiled (see below).

Unfiled - When you have imported or created new references but not yet placed them in a ny group they are placed here.

Quick List - References stored in the Quick List remain there during the active session. You might, for example, want to create a temporary reference list that you want to print out, then the Quick List is useful. Remember, once you have logged out, the list will be emptied. To copy references to the Quick List, click in the box to the left of each reference or select All or Page (all the references on that particular search list page) above the search list and then click on the button that says Copy To Quick List.

My Groups - Under this heading you find all the groups that you have created. Adding references to any of your groups is done in the same way as to the Quick List described above. Just tick the box next to the reference(s) or select All or Page, and then choose group in the drop-down menu that says Add to group...