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05. Organize

05. Organize

Organizing your EndNote Online library

The Organize tab lets you create and manage groups, share groups with others, find any duplicates among your references, and manage attachments such as PDF files.


Manage My Groups

  • Select the subheading Manage My Groups and click on New group:


  • Choose an appropriate name for the group and click on OK:


  • Groups name can be shared, renamed and deleted:


  • Your Groups will appear under the heading My Groups in your EndNote Online library under the tab My References. You can copy references to this group as is described before with Add to group option above the reference list:


  • Having copied references to your new group, the number of references will be displayed next to the name of the group. If you want to share this group with others, for example your thesis writing partners, tick the box in front of Manage Sharing. You will see that a collaboration icon is displayed in front of the name of the Group:


  • Click on Manage Sharing and then click again on Start sharing this group:


  • Enter your partners' e-mail addresses and choose if you want  them to only read references (Read only) or edit them (Read & Write) as well. Click on Apply when you are done:


  • Your partners' e-mail addresses are now added. You can edit, delete and change Read only/Read & Write status, and add more e-mail addresses easily:


Other's Groups

If your collegues have shared their EndNote Online groups with you, you control the display of these groups under the heading Other's Groups. Ticking the box under Show will make their groups appear under your own groups in the My References view.


Find Duplicates

  • Under the subheading Find Duplicates you can search your library in order to see if you have any duplicate references and thus delete them. Each time you click on Find Duplicates EndNote will perform a search and either present a result that says "There are currently no duplicate references" or present a list of all the possible duplicates. The document that was first added to your EndNote-library is placed first and the possible duplicates below with the box ticked. Make sure that it really is a duplicate. Click on Delete to get rid of the duplicates that are ticked:


Manage Attachments

  • Under this subheading, you can get an overview of all attached files in your library and you can delete all or selected attachments: