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Journal article databases

Scholarly journal articles

There are several different types of journal article databases. Some of them spans over many subject areas while others focus on narrower disciplines. There are also databases where you can find information on how an article has been used. Down below you will find selected examples of article databases of the different types that can be useful in computer science and informatics. You'll find even more through Databases AZ.

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Find journal articles

A reference database contains searchable information on articles or other publications. The documents are available somewhere else - in full text or on the library shelves. These databases are often very extensive and covers many areas. Reference databases are good search tools if you want to search among a large number of articles and have the possibility to narrow your search. For example, there is the option to search only journal articles.

In the reference databases you have access to by the library, you can usually see if the publication is available by clicking on the link service "Access from JU".

Scopus is also a so-called citation database. Citation databases provide information about in which articles a writer or an article has been cited. If you know of an important article (or author), you can see who has cited this and in this way find new and interesting articles. Citation databases can also be used to assess the impact of an article.

Swedish journal articles

In a full-text database, you can not only search articles or other publications, but also get them in its entirety, in full text. In general you are searching in a narrower scope in a full text database than in a reference database.

One point of using full-text databases can be that you here have the opportunity to see which journals are available in a topic, and an browse through volumes and issues.

Swedish fulltext journal articles

Primo, the library's search tool, is a so-called discovery system. A search in Primo provides access to all the materials the library has in its collections and is a good way to discover different types of publications. It is the most comprehensive search tool that the library provides. Just as the reference databases Primo itself contains no publications, only information about and links to them.

Google's search service for academic publications contains information about a large amount of so-called gray material, such as publications from various research organizations. It is as easy to use as Google but provides no possibility to limit the search to scientific journals only.

Scientific journals often practice a system called peer review. In most scientific fields peer reviewed journals are considered to have the highest scientific value of all scientific publications. Before articles in these journals is being published they have been evaluated by other expert researchers within the field.

You can make sure that a journal practice the peer review process by searching the journal in the database Ulrichsweb. There you can also see other valuable information such as publisher, publishing frequency and name changes.