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Computer Science and Informatics

Reports & Proceedings

Research reports & Conference proceedings

When researchers want to present their research, research reports and conference publications, are very common publication forms, especially within technology research areas. Conference publications (conference proceedings) is one of the most important publication types within the field of computer science. They can, like reports, provide a good overview of ongoing research.


Conference proceedings

A large part of the research carried out within technology disciplines are presented as so-called conference proceedings (or conference papers). It is a form of publication emanating from the international conferences scholars often participate in.

Here they present parts of their research. The contributions the researchers wrote for the conference will be published in conference proceedings, which are book-like publications similar to anthologies.

Conference papers can be searched in the following databases. Usually you can narrow your search to "Conference Paper" only.

Research reports

Research reports (or sometimes technical reports in technological research areas) are issued by universities, research institutions or government agencies. Often reports are not subject for the same scrutiny as scientific journal articles. The scientific value can vary. Reports may have names such as working papers, discussion papers, technical reports and research reports.