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Subject-specific journal lists

Subject-specific journal lists

There is a number of journal lists within specific fields, usually compiled by expert panels. Here we present one of them.


Economics and Business

Journal Quality List

This list is compiled by Anne-Wil Harzing, professor of International Management at Middlesex University in London. The compilation includes 18 different rankings and comprises more than 900 journals within economics, finance, accounting, management and marketing.

Some of the well-known lists covered by the Journal Quality List are:

ABDC Journal Quality List - Master Journal List

Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) compiles this list for Australian business schools and they use the quality indicators C, B, A och A*. This list is used by business schools worldwide.

ABS Academic Journal Guide 2021 (registration is required)

A list compiled by British Chartered Association of Business Schools (ABS). They use the quality indicators 1, 2, 3, 4 and 4* (see page 12 in their Methodology). Earlier versions of the guide:

Financial Times 50 Ranking

Financial Times sammanställer en 50-topplista på tidskrifter som används i bedömningen av deras rankning av handelshögskolor (Business School Rankings)

Educational Science

Svenska och nordiska vetenskapliga tidskrifter (in Swedish)

A list of Swedish and Nordic scholarly journals in education compiled by Malmö University Library.

Educational Technology Journals (Peer Reviewed)

A list of scholarly journals in educational technology, learning platforms, E-learning etc., compiled by International Society for Educational Technology (ISET).

Teaching and Learning in Higher Education - Journals

A list of scholarly journals in teaching and learning in higher eucation compiled by UCS Library.