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Publishing Strategy

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Who are connected with the journal?

Who are connected with the journal?

This question can be answered by going through the names in the editorial board information for the journal. Do you recognize any of them? They are most likely researchers within the field of the journal so this will also be an indication of the focus of the journal. If you look more closely at the International Advisory Board, as in the example below, you can also get a picture of the geographical aspect of the journal. Does it seem to have mainly an Anglo-Saxon focus or is it more international? The latter could indicate that it might have a greater acceptance of different geographical aspects and that it accepts research from many different countries.  

Example of information about the editorial board of a scholarly journal.


You should also look through the latest issues of the journal to see if you can identify at least some of the authors. Do you recognize any of them? Are they authors that you have read and even use in your own research and your reference lists?

Examples of articles in a scholarly journal.