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APA – Citing Sources


In the reference list, capitalize the first word of titles of articles, books, reports, webpages, and other works. Also, capitalize the first word of subtitles. 


  • Democracy in decline: Rebuilding its future

All major words of periodicals (for example journals, magazines and newspapers) are capitalized. (Nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, and all words of four letters or more are considered major words).  


  • International Journal of Theoretical Physics

Works in another language

If you are multilingual and reference works in a language the reader is not expected to understand, add a translation of the title in the reference list. Use square brackets.

For works that are part of a greater whole (e.g. a journal article or an edited book chapter), translate only the title of the work being cited (e.g. the article or book chapter. You do not need to translate the title of the greater whole (e.g. the title of the journal or the edited book).

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Basic format: 

Author, A. (year). Title [Translation]. Publisher.

Example Book: 

Housel, M. (2021). Über die Psychologie des Geldes: Zeitlose Lektionen über Reichtum, Gier und Glück [On the Psychology of Money: Timeless Lessons on Wealth, Greed, and Luck]. FinanzBuch Verlag.

Example Journal article

Pérez-Gutiérrez, R., Casado-Muñoz, R., & Ordóñez-Fernández, F. (2022). Co-enseñanza como modelo de gestión organizativa en las aulas inclusivas: Fortalezas y debilidades [Co-teaching as a Model of Organizational Management in Inclusive Classroom: Strengths and Weaknesses]. Education in the Knowledge Society, 23, Article e28842.