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EndNote 20 (desktop)

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Citing in Word

Cite While You Write (CWYW)

CWYW (Cite While You Write) is the signature feature of EndNote that makes citing in Word easy. 

  1. Open Word and open the EndNote 20 tab from the top menus.
  2. Choose your preferred style from the drop down menu.
  3. Place your cursor where you want to insert your in-text citation(s).
  4. You may choose Go to EndNote or Insert Citation.
  5. If you click on Go to EndNote, you will be taken to your EndNote library. Highlight the reference(s) you want to insert, then click Tools>Cite While You Write> Insert Selected References.
  6. If you click on the Search button (the magnifying glass over a closing quotation mark). A search box will pop up. Enter search terms (such as an author's last name or a key word from a title) and the references containing the terms will be retrieved. Highlight the reference(s) you want to insert, then click the Insert button at the bottom of the popup window.
  7. Your reference(s) will be inserted, and the corresponding reference(s) will be listed at the end of your paper in the style you chose. You may change the style at any time as long as you have not converted the document to plain text.

Editing in-text citations

You might want to edit a citation by adding page numbers or leaving out the year or the name of the author(s). 

  1. In your Word document, highlight the in-text citation you wish to edit. 
  2. From the EndNote 20 menu tab, click on Edit & Manage Citation(s).
  3. Click on the tab Edit Citation.
  4. In the field labeled Formatting, choose a format option from the drop down menu. 
  5. Add any necessary information (e.g. page numbers) and click the OK button.