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Materials and Manufacturing

Materials science & standards

Materials science

Two databases, in particular, can be useful if you want to search information about materials and different material characteristics. You will find these databases down below. In this subject area, there are also important reference works and encyclopedias. Read more under the tab Encyclopedias.


A standard is a common solution to a recurring problem. The purpose of standards is to create uniform procedures we can agree on. In technology contexts standards are different result in the form of descriptions, rules, standards and recommendations for use. It may also include documents containing such results.

In the database SIS standards (formerly E-nav) you can search among thousands of standards. SIS standards is a service provided by SIS, Swedish Standards Institute. You can read the standards that Jönköping University have access to, in full text on screen. Other standards you only see a preview of. Contact the library if you need a standard that is not available in full text through SIS standards.

You have also access to IEEE standards in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library-database.