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Get Creative with Creative Commons


About this guide

As academic librarians and educators, we often need to use other people's work. For example, you may be creating a libguide and come across an infographic online that would be perfect for your guide. But before copying and pasting it into your guide, you need to investigate whether it is okay to use. It could be licensed and free to use, or it could be part of the public domain and free to use. Alternatively, it may be "all rights reserved" to the creator, and in that case, you need to find the copyright holder and ask for permission.

Creative Commons has made it easier to use other people's resources and create and share your own. The standardized licenses answer the question: "What can I do with this?"

This guide is a resource for academic librarians and anyone else who may find it useful. It provides information and resources to help you:

  • Understand copyright law
  • Learn how to license and share your resources
  • Learn how you can use and adapt resources created and licensed by others
  • Understand the beauty of sharing.