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Scholarly articles

Scholarly articles present new research results or theories. They are usually aimed at an international research community within a specific field of research. This means that they are usually written in English. 

Scholarly journal articles are valuable because they often present new research findings, making them important to have in one's own research. They can give you a good overview of earlier research, important theories and methods within the subject.

In most fields, scholarly journal articles are considered to have the highest scientific value of all publication types. One reason for this is that before journal articles are published, they are reviewed by other researchers within the same discipline. This process is called 'peer review'.

Bear in mind that the time between writing an article and when it is published can take up to two years, so some facts may become outdated.

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Peer review of articles

​Within academia it is common practice to inspect texts before publication, from student essays to scholarly journal articles. This review process differs based on the type of text and publication. The most comprehensive and esteemed version of review is called peer review.

Peer review is used by journals that are known as academic, scholarly or scientific. These journals have a board of referees (or reviewers) who are experts and experienced researchers within their respective field. They evaluate the quality of the submitted articles based on scientific rigor, content and language. Together with the journal editor, they also judge whether the article fits within the subject area of the journal. The result of the review determines if the article is accepted for publication, if the authors are encouraged to revise the text or if the article is rejected.

Publishing articles according to the peer review procedure is required for a journal to be considered scientific. In order to avoid bias, the author and referee of the article are blinded to one another, i.e. their identity is kept anonymous.

Journals with a peer review system may include either refereed articles exclusively or a mix of refereed and non-refereed articles. Non-refereed articles might include book reviews, debate articles or commentaries.

Peer review in three minutes

The library at North Carolina State University has made a short and informative film on peer revivew.

How to search for scholarly articles

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