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Publishing Strategy


Publishing Strategy - Introduction

An important part of your research strategy probably consists of choosing suitable journals in which to publish to spread your research results. For this purpose, you might need some knowledge in publishing strategy.

Such a strategy should consist of well-considered choices of journals to submit your article manuscript to, as well as different ways to disseminate your published material after it has been published. In the first case, you can identify suitable journals by database searching or by bibliometric means, such as impact factors. In the second case, you can explore the possibilities to make the article freely available in an open database, such as the institutional repository (in Jönköping University's case, DiVA). In this way, you can reach a much wider readership than only those that have subscription access to the journal in which it is published.

This guide can be followed step-by-step by tabs 1-5 but you may, of course, use it in any way that suits you best. 

We begin by making a linear illustration of the overall elements of a general publication strategy:


A picture showing the publishing process.