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Publishing Strategy

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3. Analyze the Journals

3. Analyze the journals



There is a couple of aspects you need to analyze further before you decide to which journal you should submit your manuscript. In this step we pose a number of questions which have to do with the quality of the journal as well as the matching of your manuscript with the journal candidate, that is, does your article fit the journal?

Examples of questions:

  • What focus does the journal have?
  • I want to find journals which are indexed in databases that are important for me (or my department), such as Web of Science, or subject specific databases such as as ERIC or Medline
  • Who are connected with the journal (editor, editorial board, authors)?
  • Are there any topical research questions within the scope of the journal's focus?
  • What formal requirements regarding the manuscript does the journal have?
  • Which reference style should I use?


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