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Publishing Strategy

Tags: English, General

2. Identify Journals

2. Identify Journals

A picture showing the second step of the publishing process: Identify journals.


The process of identifying potential journals to publish in is usually different from person to person and depends on in which context you are at the moment:

  • My employer (or department) has a list of journals which we should submit our manuscripts to
  • I want to find journals which are indexed databases that are important for me (or my department), such as Web of Science, or subject-specific databases as ERIC or Medline
  • I have already identified the journals that are the most relevant within my field and based on my experience from earlier database searches and by looking at the reference lists of the articles I use in my own research
  • I am new in the field and I don't know where to start
  • I want to widen my own research into new disciplinary fields

Depending on your premises there are different ways to identify suitable journals and the subsections of step 2 describes these.